Well, I haven’t been active here for a while now. The problem is that, while I’m still learning a ton of things, it’s a lot of small things that I find hard to put in a blog post. For example: IS-IS basics, working different spanning-tree types in a network, fine tuning Wireshark, exploring EEM, and wondering what CCIEv5 will bring.

Yes, I’m still going for those numbers one day. Speculations for CCIEv5 are removal of some older topics such as frame relay and more focus of newer technologies. Since I’m working with many newer technologies I’m hoping it will work to my advantage when it’s finally announced.

Honestly, I can’t tell when this blog will be updated again. I’m hoping to find time and inspiration soon, but 1) this blog is a nice collection of information already even if inactive, and 2) learning technologies myself is still more important than putting them on a blog of course.

Greetings to all readers!