The past weeks have been very informative for me and I learned a lot about many network-related things. As you may have noticed, I’ve been giving my attention to OpenBSD mostly, as I am determined to learn and control this system. It’s low cost allows for some home use.

More parts will follow, however, I’ve run into problems and my OpenBSD’s do not react as expected for the moment, and sometimes don’t react at all. I’m unsure what is causing it, but it appears to be related to the fact that I’m running all my OpenBSD’s in VMware Workstation 8. They don’t accept certain packets destined for them, even though they show up in tcpdump. I added firewall rules in pf and eventually even disabled pf entirely (the command: ‘pfctl -d’ for disabling and ‘pfctl -e’ for enabling), but it didn’t change anything.

I’ve also sold part of my home lab: two 2611’s and the 2900XL, as well as a console cable, a serial cable, and some Ethernet cables. Stuff I don’t really need anymore, but provide a decent CCNA lab to another motivated network engineer-to-be out there.

And finally, I’ve had the chance to do BGP troubleshooting, when it was discovered a local ISP didn’t provide routing for certain IP prefixes. A very important tool in this is a Looking Glass Server, which is a router that has an iBGP session with an ISP BGP router, on which you can query for the reachability of routes on the internet. Useful, even for single-homed connections, to see if there is an ISP problem. The Looking Glass I use are those of Level 3 Communications:

That’s it for this week. For next week: either more OpenBSD, or wireless and EIGRP, depending on what works and what not. Greetings!