I haven’t posted anything in a while. Three reasons for that: first, my personal life requires some attention from time to time too, of course. Second is that I’m currently finding it hard to start studying again. It’s the same feeling that I had after the ROUTE exam: just finished one pile of work, and facing the next one. I’ll get out of it again, I’m sure.

And third: my main computer broke down a few days ago. I ended up buying a new case and a new PSU for it. The case wasn’t the problem, though I originally thought so because the computer wouldn’t turn on and I could hardly press the power button on the case. The old case was a cheap non-brand case. The new case is an Antec VSK2000, which is much more sound proof and feels a bit sturdier too.

Everything is repaired now, and I’m back in business. Hopefully next week I’ll bring some more interesting news. Good luck to everyone studying out there, and keep your head up: you’ll get there.