Today my blog reached the 5,000 views mark! Since I started this blog only three months ago, I don’t consider that a bad start. Most of my views come from the Cisco Networking Academy Facebook page on which I’m active from time to time, so thanks all for the interest in the subjects I’ve written about so far!

Besides that I see some daily Google searches coming in, which gives me some confidence that I’m not writing total rubbish. Not surprisingly, most searches handle about subjects that are badly documented, notably Spanning Tree under Windows, PoE, broadcast pings and Vyatta-related searches.

I’m really happy to see my blog having subscribers, being shared on Twitter (and I don’t have a Twitter account myself), Google Reader, and having a small but loyal group of readers. Thanks to all of you!

Now, back to my studies. I haven’t done anything all week and I still need to pass the CCNP TSHOOT exam. Stay tuned!