I picked up my new switch yesterday, for my home lab. It’s a WS-C2970G-24T-E, and will be replacing the old Catalyst 2900 XL in my lab. I was able to bargain the price well below average eBay listings. On top of that, it’s a full gigabit switch, so I’ll be using it for my home network and/or LAN parties as well. I’m also happy to see it supports a lot more commands compared to the 2900XL, which did not support MST, QoS, and had only limited Etherchannel capabilities, for example.

I’m now completely set to test out everything I need for the CCNP SWITCH exam. I already passed ROUTE, which should boost my confidence, but apart from that it also reminded me that this is not a walk in the park, so I need to be prepared. I hope to take the SWITCH exam in about six weeks. After that, I only have to face the TSHOOT exam and I’m CCNP certified.

For now my lab meets the requirements, but if I ever really go for CCIE, I’ll need to upgrade the routers, as they don’t have enough memory to support everything I need. They’re 2611’s, but no XM’s. I’m still figuring out if I’ll replace them, just buy an extra router with more memory, or if it’s possible to upgrade their flash and RAM. Either way, it’s not needed soon.