Time to list everything I learned this week. If you’re busy trying to do a Cisco lab you sometimes bump into unexpected things, not to mention the strange things you’ll see in everday life too.

Here’s my list:

  • Don’t upgrade the IOS version of a device when remotely connected, with no way of gaining console acces in case things fail. Especially not when trying with an untested IOS version which appears to be corrupted afterwards.
  • If unsure, try a command a second time. In rare cases the telnet connection may simply not accept it. Otherwise you may spend hours of time trying to see if that command is supported in your IOS, and even resort to trying a corrupt IOS, as above.
  • Pets are cute. Even more cute when they sit on top of a stack of routers looking at you, distracting you from your labs. However, it’s less cute when your pet rabbit manages to chew through an Ethernet cable in under 20 seconds. She seems to have developed a taste for it because she’s chasing after every cable that gets in her sight.
  • And finally: making a blog about networking sure is challenging. It also changes the way you learn about things. For the better, in my opinion. It’s nice to be able to write up some discoveries you made.